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Education & Training Opportunity & Growth via Local Experts

Professional Networking with Peers in Our Community

Career Opportunity and Growth via Volunteer Opportunity

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Local Voices of Information Security

We are an unbiased community made up of information security practitioners and passionate learners from Columbus Georgia and the surrounding Valley area.  We are motivated by both altruism and being lifelong learners which we promote through ethical action on the objective of information protection in our careers and/or education of those that can take that action.

Our Communities Information Security Professional Network

We represent the Valley’s professionals that are charged with protecting our respective employer’s information.  This naturally creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practice as it relates to Information Security.  Through interaction via the chapter you can gain new perspective by understanding how your peers navigate today’s risks.

Tradecraft and Professional Certification

Our chapter volunteers create learning opportunity to acquire hard sought after technical skills required to execute within the many career opportunities available in the Information Security field.  The speakers we host will address topics that are both meaningful and impactful in solving for our information protection challenges.

Servant Leadership and Volunteer Opportunity

As a member you will be participating in an organization that actively seeks its community’s needs and pursues promoting the profession to learners of all ages.  No matter where you are in your career life cycle there is opportunity for you to apply your craft for the betterment of the valley.

Recognition Locally and Internationally

Through involvement opportunities abound to speak at other city chapters and even become a contributor within the international chapter’s professional journal.

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